Dynasco Technologies has formed valuable business relationships with a number of computer suppliers and wholesalers to provide all types of computer hardware at very competitive prices.

Whether you are looking for name-brand top-of-the-line systems and components or budget systems that are sufficient to meet your immediate needs, our knowledgeable staff will do the legwork and consult with you to ensure you always get the best value for your money.


Upgrades, repairs to your existing systems or full network or server installations, we will work with you throughout the planning process to ensure you are getting exactly what you need at a price that meets your budget. We will do our best to ensure that you understand the purpose and necessity of any hardware that we recommend.


To minimize the interruptions to your daily business, we will perform all installations, upgrades and repairs at a time that is convenient for you. Lengthy or complex hardware activities can be arranged for evenings or weekends.

To ensure 100% reliability, all installation work is carried out by trained, qualified Dynasco employees. We never sub-contract.

At Dynasco Technologies, one of our premier advantages has always been our ability to create custom software applications that exceed the expectations of our customers.


Beginning with realistic requirements analysis all the way through design,programming, testing, documentation, training and after-sales support, we ensure your project is fully functional, completed on-time and under-budget.

Our expertise covers all of the major software development platforms, including Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++ and our specialty, development of client-server and web-based database applications using Oracle Forms, Reports and Graphics development suite.

In addition to custom software creation, we are experts in the installation and use of all of the most popular off-the-shelf office and productivity packages. We can provide formal or informal training for your employees in the use of Windows, MS Outlook, MS Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, WordPerfect and numerous other productivity suites.

Let Dynasco help your small business take full advantage of the available technologies by relying on our years of expertise in all facets of software use and development!